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Dreaming of Sleeping

  • Dreaming of falling asleep indicate that disaster will come.
  • A woman dreams of doping off indicates that she will give birth to a girl.
  • Dreaming of someone disturbing your sleep indicate that your career will be developed.
  • A patient dreams of the sleep being disturbed indicates that the body will soon recover.
  • A businessman dreams of insomnia indicate that the business will thrive and the dreamer will earn a lot of money.
  • Dreaming of other people falling asleep indicate good luck.
  • Dreaming of your wife falling asleep indicate indicate that you will love each other and remain happily married to a ripe old age.
  • Dreaming of sleeping in the boat indicate that you'd better lock out the front door in order to prevent theft. 
  • Dreaming of sleeping in a strange place indicate that you will get disease.
  • Dreaming of sleeping with a child indicate that you will have a happy and harmonious family.
  • A young girl dreams of sleeping indicates that she should be careful in love, do not be deceived by an impotent man.