Dream of children, babies


Dream of a lovely and interesting child, you will receive year-end bonus and double salary.

Dream of a disabled child, you will have trouble, you should be careful.

Dream of holding a child. If you hold a boy in your hand, it means that your plans and wishes can be achieved. If you hold a girl, there may be disputes in some event.

Dreaming of a group of lovely children means that you will have a bright future and many people will bless you. If you play with children, it means that your planned things and feelings will be smooth.

Dream of bullying children, interpersonal relationships have a shadow. Your privacy will be discovered by the people around you. We must be careful not to forget that walls have ears!

Dream of playing with children, happy things will happen in school. The younger generation who has recently become a member is the handsome opposite sex & hellip& hellip; I look forward to class soon every day.

Dream of a child suffering from illness or physical pain, suffering losses due to slander and slander by others, and experiencing signs of hardship.

Dreaming of a child's body shrinking suggests that the child in the dream is accompanied by bad luck.

Dreaming of the child's body in the coffin is a sign that his own affairs are recognized by others.

Dream of the disappearance of the children around you and the solution of the distressed and worried problems.

Dream of a newborn child walking upright. After his performance was announced, he was immediately praised.

Dream of a child dying or missing, the elimination of existing obstacles and concerns, and gradually settle down and have signs of development.

Dream of a child playing or sleeping on his chest or stomach, showing a headache or an unavoidable burden. It means that no matter how hard you try, you can't get results and your efforts are in vain.

Dream of a child with mutilated hands and feet or incomplete face, push things suddenly encounter difficulties, and the possibility of ending in failure is very high.

Dream of becoming a child crying, suggesting that facing the unavoidable reality, you can only accept it unconditionally. If you have such a dream when everything goes well, it implies that unpleasant things will happen in the future.

Dream of crying children, things encounter setbacks and signs of depression and depression. Because I don't have the ability and confidence to solve this problem, I will face a difficult situation.

Dream of a traffic accident and pull the child's body out of the car. This is a sign that the things distressed by the child have been solved easily during this period of time. In other words, the time has come to challenge your new self boldly.

Dream of a poor looking, poorly dressed and hungry child. If you are lucky during this period, it implies that you will start to go downhill in the future.

Dream of watching the child burned to death by the fire, but he can only stamp his feet powerlessly. When things go smoothly, he is in trouble and faces the worry of losing everything, or there is even the risk of serious injury or loss of life due to property and adverse reasons.

Dream of walking with an unknown child, suggesting that no matter how hard you try, it won't help, and the difficulties remain.

Before the meeting, an unknown child called himself grandparents or parents. When you took him into your arms, you were misunderstood or involved in something irrelevant. You were deeply wronged, but it was difficult to vent your meaning.

Dream that the child is injured or ill and anxious. If the child in the dream is his own child, it indicates an accident or disease. If you are unmarried or have no children, it means that things will encounter difficulties.

See the sign of children passing letters to you and quarreling with others over small things.

Dream of children crying, life gradually becomes difficult, there are worrying things, the omen of difficult livelihood.

See signs of your child's birth, wealth or profit. Besides, it's possible to get pregnant.

Dream of pleasant children talking or opening the door to enter the house, making money or having happy events such as child birth and pregnancy.


If you dream of losing your child, it means that the trouble or worry you are facing will be eliminated, your mood will regain stability and embark on the right track of gradual development.


Dreaming of a beautiful and lovely baby indicates that you will have good luck.

Dream of a very ugly baby, it means that someone you trust may trick you.

Dreaming of holding the baby symbolizes that the dreamer will gain something and will soon get something very important to himself.

Dreaming of a baby laughing symbolizes a good interpersonal relationship. You can be honest with others, and there will be many around you.

Dream of baby's long teeth, which symbolizes the smooth implementation of the plan. You can get the help of noble people, and there will be good news soon.

When you dream of a baby talking, you may be reminding you that you will be in trouble recently, and someone will always do something strange, that is & ldquo; Make a villain & rdquo

The dream of the death of a baby is an unknown dream. It shows the disillusionment of your plans and hopes. You have lost or will lose something very important to yourself.

Dreaming that the baby is crying and causes the dreamer to be upset indicates that something unpleasant will happen, or you may be in poor health recently.

Dream that the newborn child starts to walk upright, which indicates that your work achievements will be praised.

Dreaming of a sick baby means that you may suffer setbacks at work or in love.

For people who are married but have no children, dreaming of a baby may sometimes just express their desire to have children.

New parents usually express strong concern for their children when they dream that the baby is suffocating or in danger.

Dream of a stranger touching the baby, suggesting that you have bad luck and will encounter bad luck in the near future.

Dreaming that a newborn baby is urinating and urinating indicates that unlucky things are waiting for you. You may experience unpleasant or unlucky things because of someone you trust.