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Dreaming of travelling

You will know a lot of different people when travelling, so dreaming of travelling symbolizes your reputation, you will no longer stick to your views, you can be tolerant to others, so you will be successful.

  • To dream of travelling alone indicates that you will be greatly respected and live happily in your old age.
  • To dream of travelling with your wife indicates that you will be successful and happy in marriage.
  • To dream of travelling with a friend indicates that you will help each other.
  • To dream of travelling with your lover indicates that the two sides can have good communication and mutual tolerance, you've formed a deep understanding, so you will get married soon.
  • A businessman dreams of travelling alone means that he will make a fortune in business.
  • An old man dreams of travelling hints that he may want to go and look around the suburb.
  • To dream of travelling with travellers hints that you will receive good news.
  • To dream of making friends with travellers reminds you to be careful in making friends, do not deal with bad people.