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Dreaming of watering field

  • To dream of watering field indicates that your husband will get sick.
  • A man dreams of a woman watering field indicates that he will get rich.
  • A farmer dreams of watering barren land indicates that crops will be cut.
  • To dream of irrigating indicates your economic or emotional pay.
  • To dream of watering farmland without crops indicates that you are paying for the abuliding plan and budding feeling.
  • A man dreams of watering field indicates that once he has chosen the right target, he dares to invest, he will have a bright future with full of hope.
  • A woman dreams of watering field indicates that she will pay a lot for feelings, family, husband or children. She will live a happy life. This dreams also may indicate that her husband will get sick or go out for a period of time, thus she has to stir up the burden of the family.