Dream of fish

Fish is festive, fish lines beautiful, flexible swimming in the water, a symbol of smooth and festive. In terms of homophony, the word "Yu" of fish and "affluence" is homophonic, so some people dream that fish is related to "affluence".

Dream of fish, a symbol of wealth, that will be rich.

Dream of dead fish, means that the cause is not smooth, life is difficult, to be hungry.

Dream of buying fish, will get relatives of the gift, will inherit relatives of the real estate.

Dream of eating fish, love luck slightly depressed. Your personality is so stubborn that the other person can't stand it. In order to maintain normal communication, we must understand mutual accommodation and avoid conflicts.

Dream of fish struggling in shallow water, means that their work will be everywhere constraints, struggling, difficult to escape the fate of demotion, it is better to find another job as soon as possible.

Dream of someone to give their own fish, means will be invited to the wedding.

Dream of live fish, to travel on the sea.

Women dream of fish swimming in the water, the action will be limited by her husband.

Dream of fish suffering from water shortage, will be demoted.

Men dream of fishing, disaster.

Women dream of fishing, will rely on rich husband, happy life, will inherit the property of relatives.

Patients dream of fishing, will be bedridden.

Dream of someone fishing in the lake, will participate in the activities of overthrowing national leaders.

Dream of fish case analysis

[example 1]

Dream description many people say that fish is good and fish represents wealth. I don't know if that's right. But I often dream about fish. That time I dreamt that I came to a big pond, the water is very clear, there are a lot of fish, swimming freely in the water. (female, 29 years old)

Dream analysis dream fish, is a very auspicious dream, is a symbol of wealth and power. Dream of fish swimming in the clear water, indicating that you will get wealth and power. Dream of fish jumping in the water, means that your career is very smooth, wealth is increasing. Dream of riding on the fish, wandering freely in the water, it means that the body will be more and more healthy day by day.

It's a good omen to see fish jumping in the water. But if you dream of fish jumping out of the water and falling to the ground, it is a warning that you should think twice before you act. Dream of fish jump out of the water, fall to the ground and then return to the water, it shows that can eliminate difficulties, success.

[example 2]

The dream describes a businessman who dreamed one night that his mother was in the rice field beside the green rice field. Next to the rice field was a big pond like lake. His mother told him to let go of the water. He reluctantly opened the gate, and a lot of water flowed past. There were some young men swimming there. He took the fishing rod to go fishing, the first rod is a carp, he put the fish in the bucket. Later, the boys came to play with the bait in the water. Suddenly, a big hole appeared near the bait, and the ground sank, and the water flowed away from the hole. At this time, his mother told him to close the gate. He went to close the gate unhappily. At this time, the businessman suddenly woke up.

Dream analysis green paddy field means a stable life. The mother represents a part of the dreamer's personality. A large lake like a pool means that there are a lot of money gathering institutions. The mother told the dreamer to let go of the water. The dreamer didn't want to open the gate, which means that the dreamer didn't want to use the money. A large amount of water passed by, which means that the dreamer used and spent a lot of these resources. A few guys swimming there means that others are using the money, but in a different way than dreamers. The dreamer takes the fishing rod to fish and catches several of them, which means that the dreamer has gained a little by using those resources. Those guys come to play with the bait in the dreamer's water, which means that it will affect the dreamer's harvest. There is a big pit, the ground is sinking, and the water flows away from that pit, which means that some of the dreamer's wealth is lost somewhere. The mother told the dreamer to close the gate. The dreamer was very unhappy to close the gate. The failure to find the gate means that the dreamer told him not to waste the money, but the dreamer was not willing to.