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Dreaming of Workers

Usually the male construction worker in the dream is on behalf of a powerful father, he can build a shelter housing.

  • Dreaming of a construction worker or a mechanic repairing your house indicate that you will reflect on the problems in your life and solve them. The house in the dream is a symbol of yourself.
  • Dreaming of a worker dredging the pipeline indicate that you will solve this problem of emotion.
  • Dreaming of the mechanic facing a pile of spare parts indicate that you are facing a pool of confused situations, and you want to sort things out and resolve the status quo, you are extremely distressed.
  • Dreaming of miners working underground indicate that y are exploring deep inside your own darkness.
  • Dreaming of a plumber indicate your feeling of inner spirit or emotion.
  • A pregnant woman dreams of a plumber may be the image of a gynecological doctor in the dream