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Dreaming of writing

To dream of writing indicates a good omen, the dreamer will have a successful official career. A man dreams of others or himself writing indicates that he will improve his working ability and succeed in career. In addition, different writing situations have different meanings.

  • To dream of writing on the desk indicates that you will make great progress in business or school.
  • To dream of others writing on the desk means that you will make good teachers and helpful friends.
  • To dream of writing on the letter means that you will get the care and sympathy of your loved ones and friends in times of crisis.
  • To dream of writing on the documents hints that you have no confidence on the latest contract or someone's promise, there is risk of breach of contract. You'd better pay attention to so as to prevent any accidents.
  • To dream of writing on the blackboard with a stick of chalk indicates that you will win a good reputation, and you will be respected and trusted. 
  • To dream of writing with a pen indicates that you will make a fortune and win a better place.
  • To dream of writing with a broken pen hints that you may take a mess, such as a shaky, troubled institution or company, you may also suffer economic loss.
  • To dream of writing with a quill pen also indicates that you will develop new business, or find a job. A businessman dreams of writing with a quill pen reminds you to be careful not to be involved in a lawsuit.
  • A staff dreams of writing indicates that the dreamer will be promoted.

The interpretations in Duke of Zhou Interprets Dreams

  • To dream of writing with a pen and discharging light indicates that you will have good luck. 
  • To dream of writing with a pen indicates that you will get the power.
  • To dream of writing and discharging light means that you follow the path of Confucius.