Dream of pen


Dreaming of a pen indicates that you will establish an authority that is difficult to support and convince others.

Dream of iron pen, dream of iron pen, prestige shock.

Dream of fountain pen, dream of fountain pen, business will flourish.

Dream of the stone pen, dream of the stone pen, will be poor, business collapse.

Dream of writing with a quill pen, want to do a new business.

Dream of using an old pen or broken pen (or the tip of the pen is an old and broken pen) to write, will serve as the head of an institution on the verge of closure, and the economy will suffer.

Dream that there are many pens and will become the head of a large organization.

Dream of doing business, will recover the debt that has no hope to recover.

Dream of a pen, auspicious omen, will be respected and trusted by people.

Dreaming of writing with a pen is a sign of wealth.

Different people dream of pens

Unmarried men dream of fountain pens and will marry a well-educated wife.

The editor dreamed that if the tip of the pen fell off, he would be arrested and sentenced to long-term imprisonment.

Candidates dream of using an ivory pen, which means they can be elected.

The unemployed dream of writing with a quill pen and will soon get a position as a clerk.

Businessmen dream that writing with a quill pen will be falsely accused and cause great losses.