What is Lu Chong Sha in Feng Shui

In geomantic omen, it is often mentioned that evil Qi is an invisible force that hurts people. In short, it is a vicious atmosphere. If it always exists indoors, it will have a lot of adverse effects on residents, such as blocked luck, emotional problems, physical conditions and so on. Generally speaking, there are seven kinds of evil Qi in Feng Shui:

  • Shapeshift: it is visible and traceable, such as chicken beak, sickle (anti bow) and piercing heart; Crossroads, overpasses, strange rocks, trees, roads, etc. outside the house.
  • Smell evil: moldy or all unpleasant smells are called smell evil.
  • Light evil: insufficient or too strong light in the house will have adverse effects. Neon lights outside the house are also a kind of light evil.
  • Sound evil: noise, ugly sound of running water.
  • Li Sha: the Sha of Li Qi, such as the presence of the flying stars and the common sight of Sanqi; Such as the single and even number of light bulbs, the number of fish, etc.
  • Color evil: too much black at home leads to excessive Yin Qi, and too much red leads to mental tension. In addition, the color of door-to-door is also related to each other. More importantly, it must be matched with the color required by the homeowner.
  • Magnetic Sha: because magnetic force has a great impact on people's brain, Feng Shui mainly calculates the good and bad luck to people according to the change of magnetic field.

Let's introduce a common form of evil spirit & mdash& mdash; Lu Chongsha

What is Lu Chong Sha

If you open your door and you can see the road coming straight, or the path, stairs, etc., then you have committed a Feng Shui evil called Lu Chong evil. In addition, if the window of the room at home is rushing towards a straight road, it also belongs to breaking the road.

Harm of road brake

The gate, bedroom windowsill and balcony should not face the street directly. If the above position sees a street directly in front of you and the driving direction is towards you, it is called fierce in the house book. It is very difficult to improve the business of both homes and businesses, and often change the owner. Moreover, housing residents are prone to eye diseases, or major traffic accidents and other bloody disasters. In addition, if there is a road rush outside the children's room and outside the window, it is also very unfavorable to the children's study and health.

How to resolve the road shock

However, even if there is a road rush, there is also a way to crack it, which can be divided into the following situations.

1. Resolve the situation that the gate encounters road collision

If the gate of an independent building encounters a road rush, dig a pond in front of the door and plant low shrubs to form isolation, so as to avoid disaster. Of course, you can also hang Shanhai Town, Bagua convex mirror or lion head on your lintel to dissolve the evil spirit of Lu Chong. The effect is also good.

2. Resolve the situation of road collision at the window

We can put Obsidian six character Daming mantra ball or obsidian six character Daming mantra tower on the windowsill directly opposite the road Chong. This mascot can release positive magnetic field to relieve the rapid magnetic field of the road. Another way is to raise black fish. Black fish swimming in the pool is like Taoists writing on Rune paper. It is a secret way to resolve Lu Chong. Moreover, placing a pair of Unicorns on the windowsill with their heads facing the evil spirit side can also well resolve the evil spirit of Lu Chong.