Feng Shui Masters teach you not to sit in the "squid seat" of the office

In some companies, you will be surprised to find that the turnover of personnel in a certain position is particularly large. There are always new employees who will leave after a short stay. Even the old employees of the company will be dismissed or changed jobs for various reasons after a short time. Have you ever wondered what's going on? That seat is likely to be & ldquo; in Feng Shui; Squid position & rdquo;! So, Feng Shui's & ldquo; Squid position & rdquo; What are they? Now let's introduce the Feng Shui problems and solutions in the office. You must be careful about big housework!

1. The seat can't go straight to the door

As the gate is the air flow and energy entrance and exit of the whole office, the seat is facing the gate, which will be rushed by the gas field of the entrance, and people's subconscious and nervous system are easy to be affected, resulting in hot temper or unprovoked illness. We can set up a screen or plant at the door as a way to resolve the problem.

2. There should be a back (wall or cabinet) behind the seat, not behind the door or aisle

The hindbrain is the brain wave radiation area, which is also one of the most sensitive parts of the human body to sense the gas field; Therefore, the rear of the seat should be fixed and immovable; If someone walks behind, it is easy to lose concentration and turn part of his attention to the back of the brain. In the long run, he will consume energy and affect work efficiency and health.

3. The front of the seat cannot be close to the wall (the buffer area is not enough)

People's eyes grow in front, that is to capture more information; If the seat is too close to the wall, you can't see the people and things around you, which will cause subconscious anxiety and affect the stability of the nervous system.

4. It's best not to have anyone in front of the seat

If there is a person facing you in front of the seat, it belongs to a kind of psychological evil, because you will not have your own private space, which will not only make you two feel comfortable with each other, but also may distract you, become like talking and laughing with each other, and affect your work. Therefore, it is best to put some potted plants or documents between two people.

5. The seat cannot face the toilet door

The toilet is the place where the foul gas gathers, and the toilet door is the place where the foul gas is discharged. People who have been near or facing the toilet door for a long time will get sick because of excessive foul gas. If it cannot be avoided, a screen or large broad-leaved plants can be installed between the toilet and the seat, which can block a little foul air, and the toilet door must be closed at any time.

6. Seats cannot be behind photocopiers or computers

The overflow magnetic field of photocopiers and computers is relatively strong. If the seat is too close or directly behind the computer, it is easy to affect its own magnetic field for a long time, cause physical and mental obstacles, and indirectly affect its luck. It's best to keep a distance, or you can put a basin of broad-leaved plants in the middle. But plants should be replaced regularly, otherwise they will become a second source of pollution.

7. There should be no wash table or faucet near the seat

Where water comes out, it will affect the gas field, because water itself can gather gas and disturb the magnetic field. People who sit next to the faucet for a long time will have nervous system disorders or repeated luck. It's best to avoid them.

8. There should be no large trash cans or sundries near the seat

Like toilets, garbage cans or debris piles are also a source of filth. Avoiding them is auspicious.

9. There should be no lack of light or no windows on the seat

If the light on the seat is too weak, it will cause insufficient solar energy and excessive geomagnetic energy & ldquo; Yin Qi is heavy & rdquo; Phenomenon, a long time will make people lazy and negative, and it is easier to be pessimistic.

10. The seat shall not face the kitchen or gas stove or refrigerator

The kitchen is the source of fire and gas. If it is too close to fire and gas, it will also affect the nervous system and physiological field of the human body. In the long run, it will hinder a person's thinking ability. It's best to avoid it.

11. The seat cannot face the water dispenser

Like the faucet, the water dispenser is also the outlet of water vapor, especially when someone turns on and off water every day, which is more likely to affect the stability of the nearby magnetic field; If you can, it's best to keep a distance.

12. The seat cannot face the door of the supervisor's or boss's room

Supervisors and bosses generally control office workers. According to the ancients, they are & ldquo; G & rdquo; Of office workers; Unless you have no supervisor and boss in your eyes, you'd better not face their room, because you will be affected by their every move and can't concentrate, and it's easy to conflict with them for a long time.

13. There shall be no beam or chandelier directly above the seat

Although people don't have eyes on their heads, they are also very sensitive to things on their heads. They are always afraid that something will fall off them; Therefore, if you know that there is a beam or chandelier above your seat, your subconscious will be armed and ready to protect yourself at any time. After a long time, you will consume a lot of energy and be half dead without doing much. If you can, move your seat!

14. Can not be surrounded by large electrical appliances

Seats should not be surrounded by large electrical appliances or appliances, such as computers, photocopiers, fax machines and air conditioners.

15. The front cannot be used as the active line

If there is an active line directly in front of the seat, there will always be people in and out in front of you all day. The atmosphere of this activity will interfere with your magnetic field and make you distracted. After a long time, you will feel irritable and often make mistakes. If you can, you'd better change seats unless you're a counter lady.