Feng Shui function and efficacy of cactus


In our Feng Shui academic, cactus is one of the good feng shui plants. Keeping it at home is good for Feng Shui at home. So, from the perspective of Feng Shui, what are the Feng Shui functions and effects of cactus?

Feng Shui function and efficacy of cactus

1. Dissolve evil Qi

In Feng Shui, cactus symbolizes the evil thing of making evil with evil, because cactus is covered with thorns, while in Feng Shui, sharp thorns have evil spirits. If cactus is not placed properly in the house, it may affect the Feng Shui pattern of the house.

If the cactus is placed in the living room, bedroom, study and other places without evil atmosphere, then this Feng Shui pattern is fierce. The random placement of cactus is not conducive to house Feng Shui, but will affect the fate of residents because of its own evil atmosphere.

If the cactus is placed on the balcony, doors and windows or in the place where evil spirits are committed, then the cactus can turn evil spirits into evil spirits and dissolve the evil spirits in the house. Then such a Feng Shui pattern is auspicious. Therefore, whether cactus is good or bad at home depends on the position of cactus.

2. Good for health

Moreover, cactus has the function of anti radiation. For families with pregnant women, placing cactus at home is conducive to children's physical and mental health and development, but it is best to place the cactus next to the computer or other suitable places for decorations.

3. Jihuasha

From the perspective of Feng Shui, cactus is extremely easy to cultivate and has many functions. Therefore, it is an auspicious plant in people's eyes. In addition, it has the function of tending to auspicious and evil. Green symbolizes physical and mental health and peace of mind, which is conducive to the health of family members. However, special attention should be paid to the taboo of cactus Feng Shui placement.

Cactus placement taboo

1. Avoid putting it in the bedroom

The bedroom is a place where the Qi field of the family is relatively harmonious, and the cactus has a sharp Qi and a bad Qi. If it is put in the bedroom, it will affect the peaceful Qi field of the bedroom, which is prone to disputes between husband and wife and affect the harmony between husband and wife.

2. Avoid putting it in the living room

The living room is the place to greet guests in the house. The atmosphere here is relatively peaceful and active, which is more conducive to communication. If cactus is placed in the living room, there may be an excessively sharp feeling, which makes guests feel pressure and maladjustment and affects the social atmosphere.

3. It should be put on the balcony

Cactus has the function of expelling evil spirits and avoiding evil spirits, and the balcony is one of the places where the house is connected with the outside world. Placing a pot of cactus here can well dispel the evil spirits from outside.

4. It should be placed in the window

Windows and doorways are also places connecting the outside world, but now the doorway of the community is not suitable for potted plants. In this way, it can be placed in the porch. If you put it in the window, it can also expel evil spirits, properly purify the air entering the house, and receive sufficient light, which is conducive to the growth of plants.