• Card name: Death
  • Keywords: end, transition, freshman
  • Astrology: Scorpio
  • Four elements: water

Deck description

The God of death wears red feathers and holds a flag. He rides on a white war horse and looks down on the creatures on the ground. In his hands, he holds a black flag painted with the totem of the Rose Cross Society. Some people say that this totem represents the process of rebirth after death. Others say that this totem and Mars represent immortal vitality. Under the horse of death, there are kings, priests, women and children, representing the four views of all living beings on death. The king resisted death and was eventually trampled under the hoof of death; The clergy placed the token on the ground, worshiped death, and joined hands to pray for the Lord's guidance in order to enter heaven; The woman knelt on the ground and fainted from fear of death; Only the innocent and lovely child looked at death with childish curiosity because of ignorance. Four people, four kinds of mentality, whether resistance, reverence, panic or ignorance, are all explaining the same truth &mdash& mdash; Whether rich or poor, whether men, women, old or young, death is an irresistible natural phenomenon. There is no way to escape and there is no need to escape.

The river in the distance is one of the four rivers that flow through the garden of Eden. There is a boat on it. At the foot of the God of death, there is a cave where the arrow points to the boat. That cave may be the passage from Dante to hell in the divine comedy. No one can escape death, but when life comes to an end, it is also the birth of a new life. The path on the right side of the sign leads to the two towers to march towards the eternal rising sun, which represents the mysterious journey to Jerusalem and symbolizes that death is by no means the end of everything. The white horse of the God of death is also the purest symbol. It symbolizes washing away all the past and starting all over again. Death is a sign of forgetting the past and gaining new life.

Usually when we think of “ Death ” Most people only pay attention to physical death, such as accidents, critical illness, etc., but in fact, in tarot, such catastrophic events are more often represented by towers; The God of death represents more the end of other forms, and this end can be said to occur every day, every minute and every second (of course, with the help of other cards such as tower and sword, it does not rule out the possibility of judging individual death). Leaving a company can be said to be an end. Writing a paper can also be said to be an end. Even if you go to the dead skin at night, it is an end. From the end of the contract and the termination of the marriage relationship to the time when you go to bed at night and get up in the morning, we coexist with this end all the time, so it's not a big deal to draw the death card.

However, people are afraid of change. It is the fear of change that makes people panic about the end of their familiar patterns. Therefore “ How to face change ” In fact, it is the real subject of the death card. In the case of a positive God of death, the person concerned is usually able to face the coming change. What the diviner has to do is just to remind the person concerned that the change has come and be prepared for it. Moreover, because death is a big brand, this change is still irresistible in the final analysis, even at the invitation of the parties themselves (such as submitting their own resignation).

Positive meaning

1. Basic meaning

Key words: failure, bad luck, walking into a dead end, despair, loss, no way to escape, end up unharmed, efforts come to naught, and there is no pain to say.

Death draws a pause for the old and makes way for the new. Death cards represent a period of change. We can say that a certain chapter of life is about to end, and your acceptance of this change will make the change happen naturally. Hold “ Life will bring something better than what it takes from you ” Belief in. Subconsciously, you may also be longing for change. The death card means that change is about to occur. Don't resist the change, try to accept it.

2. Love and marriage

Key words: Deepening estrangement, breaking up, lovelorn, separation, divorce, loss of feeling for lovers.

You broke up with your long-time friend; At the beginning, it was very painful for you to withdraw from the habitual life mode, but it was a good opportunity for you to think and reflect. You gradually realized that this relationship was not suitable for you. Now you can clearly know what kind of person is your ideal partner. Therefore, you can finally find a happy life.

3. Work and study

Key words: declining work performance, no progress in the project, feeling unable to follow up in the face of bottlenecks, everything in a stagnant state, being fired, falling to a low point in performance, failing in examinations, stagnating in studies, and having no hope for studies.

You lost your job involuntarily; You are in a panic because you have lost your steady income. After a period of time, you begin to accept this fact; May return to school to enrich themselves, and look for a new job, because of misfortune to find a more suitable career.

4. Interpersonal wealth

Key words: extravagance, blind shopping, casual profligacy, deterioration of relationship with friends, cracks in friendship, melancholy, death of friends or travel.

Your company is going downhill, and the stocks you invest in are falling; You have lost your stable income, failed to pay the loan and credit card fees, and even your house has been seized; You face an unprecedented financial crisis. But this time will pass. You will learn a lot from this time and regain what you have lost.

5. Healthy life

Key words: encountering unexpected disasters and ignoring one's own health.

Your health is so red that you have to undergo surgery. These are warnings from your body that you should start to take care of your body.

6. Other

They have no interest in the surrounding things, are weary of the world, encounter difficulties, all Huawei bubbles, and are mute to eat Coptis.

Inverse meaning

The same is the disintegration of the old model, but the difference is the subjective attitude of the parties and the time required for this change. Due to the nature of counter position resistance and delay, in the case of counter position, most of the parties subjectively want to delay the change and maintain the status quo, even if it is clear that it is impossible to recover. The only consequence of the party's action is to lengthen the time required for change, and also lengthen the time of pain.

1. Basic meaning

Key words: change the plan, change the image, make a comeback, walk out of the trough, be reborn, have the courage to open up, and be energetic.

The inverse God of death may mean extreme fear of any form of death. A little change can be mistaken for the death of the body, and you will do everything possible to resist it, because you do not want to die. This fear may make you indulge in old habits and bring you a monotonous and repetitive life, which can be used to cover up your despair when you think of the imminent change.

When you don't want to change, you must use all your strength to stay still, and in order to have some power to live, you often squeeze energy from the people around you. At present, death is necessary, but your fear of change makes you depressed, depressed or physically exhausted, because most of your energy is used to resisting change.

2. Love and marriage

Key words: win the heart, improve feelings, reunite, and sprout new love.

You are used to the way you get along with your current partner and don't want to make any changes. Even if the relationship makes you feel dull, you don't want to end it, because it's safe for you.

3. Work and study

Key words: performance recovery, turnaround, turning the tide in the face of bottlenecks, colleagues resigning and job hopping one after another, performance improving, examination running well, and starting a new learning plan.

You are not satisfied with your present job, but you dare not leave because of your fixed income; You will use various means to defend your job.

4. Interpersonal wealth

Key words: property, reconciliation with friends, let bygones be bygones in the face of past gratitude and resentment, old friends become more intimate, and new friendship develops.

There is a big crisis in your financial situation, which will make you lose everything you have; Because you can't learn from the past, you will only complain, so it's hard to have a chance to make a comeback.

5. Healthy life

Key words: moderate exercise is beneficial to health, and you can overcome diseases with your own perseverance.

Because of the fear of facing future changes, your mental state is in a state of extreme anxiety, and it is easy to get mental diseases.

6. Others

Feel better and have the courage to explore.