These three phenomena are excellent signs when people are buried after death!

Different from cities, in many rural areas, white work is usually carried out, and site selection and burial is also a very important part. It's not that cities don't understand these, but generally cremation is carried out and handed over to professional departments. There are few pictures of collective dispatch in the countryside. In fact, burial in the countryside will lead to many unpredictable things, and these things will indeed foresee some signs. Three of them represent good omens. Let's have a look.

1、 Cock crow

When buried, one or two white cocks are usually selected. Especially in the countryside, when burying our ancestors, we will put a rooster on the coffin all the time, or kill a rooster at the time of burial. Because chicken in Feng Shui is not just an ordinary rooster, but represents & ldquo; Phoenix & rdquo;. There are still many places for the use of cocks, but let alone others. At the time of burial, if you hear the cock crowing, it means the Phoenix crowing, which means the unity of dragon and Phoenix. It is an invisible good phenomenon. Many feng shui masters can not find this phenomenon. Moreover, Mr. Feng Shui always chooses a good time and place. If it is perfectly combined with Fengming, it represents the profound blessing of this family. Therefore, within three generations after the emergence of Fengming phenomenon, this family is bound to get promoted and get rich and enjoy good fortune.

2、 Rain

In fact, rain is not a good thing. It also depends on the timing. The right timing can lead to good things. Because in the countryside, the roads are not as good as those in cities and towns. In particular, burial is a sad thing. If it rains, it is even more difficult to be buried. Many people complain about bad luck. But in fact, on the contrary, there is an old folk saying & ldquo; Rain cloth, generation after generation rich & rdquo;. In fact, the rain at the time of burial is a sign that future generations are about to get rich. Because rain falls from the sky and has great auspiciousness, it implies that God will reward rice and future generations will naturally become rich. But why do we say it depends on the timing, because it depends on where the rain is poured. If the pit is poured, it will not only be difficult to be buried, but also future generations will be poorer. Generally, after going to the tomb, it coincides with manna, which will make future generations rich and convenient for burial. It can be said that the phenomenon of occupying all the time is very difficult to meet.

3、 See snake

There are still snakes and insects in the countryside. If you dig a pit in the burial place and find a snake, it's not a bad thing, but a secret. Because the snake is also known as the predecessor of the dragon, which is the state before it takes shape. Digging out the snake actually means that the cemetery is alive. From another point of view, it contains dragon Qi. Therefore, from the perspective of Feng Shui, the presence of snakes in the cemetery represents the prosperity of future generations. Therefore, if snakes are dug up, it is a good omen. In particular, snakes themselves are very spiritual creatures. The natural Feng Shui is good where they live, and the more snakes there are, the more blessed they are. So you must not drive them away. It's best to let them stay in the tomb. Moreover, it is worth mentioning that in Feng Shui, snakes are also known as money strings, which is the representative of money.

The above is the whole content of this article. The above phenomena can be encountered but not required. Therefore, there is no need to force it. Be lucky when you encounter it. If you can't meet it, don't be discouraged. In fact, whether you can make a fortune depends on yourself. Heaven rewards diligence. If you work hard, you will always get rid of the clouds and see the moonlight.