Dream of death, oneself is dead

When a person feels & ldquo; Although life is still dead & rdquo;, Feel like & ldquo; Walking dead & rdquo;, When he feels that his heart is dead and that he is no longer growing, he will dream of his death.

  • The thought of death in a dream may be symbolized by going home. This is called: & ldquo; Treat death like home & rdquo;. Death is our destination. We come from the yuan life world. Death is to return there. Therefore, death is going home. Li Bai said, & ldquo; The living are passers-by and the dead are returnees& rdquo; It was also pointed out that & ldquo; Ghost, return also & rdquo;, A ghost is a person who returns to the eternal home and peaceful home of each of us;
  • Dreaming of your own death implies that you will start a new life, or will change in your life and start a new stage of your life.
  • Dreaming of your death means that you will have more and more property, which is an auspicious omen of everything going well.
  • Dream of a good omen of death, there will be good news. Businessmen dream that people die and can make a lot of money in business. The prisoner dreamed of death and was soon free.
  • Dreaming that someone you know is dead is an auspicious omen. It means to increase the life of others.
  • Dream that the old man is dead and his family's luck is low. We should unite and care for our family.
  • I dream that if someone I don't know dies, my luck will decline in behavior. A little carelessness will cause a great failure. For example, it's not easy to agree to a date with your lover, but you can't move because you forget to bring your wallet, and so on.