Dream of lentils

  • Seeing lentils in a dream symbolizes quarrel. She told the young woman that she was not satisfied with the man who pursued her, but her parents advised her to accept the marriage.
  • Dream of lentil sprouts blooming and bearing beans. Money is good luck, but it will also be wasted. Pay attention to expanding interpersonal relationships, which is closely related to the expansion of your work field. Money comes and goes quickly these days. It's a little difficult to save the money you earn.
  • Dream of lentils, indicating quarrel and bad situation.

Different people dream of lentils

  • The old man dreamed that the lentil sprouts had a lot of flowers and beans, indicating that you were lucky and complacent during this time, but you should not be complacent. If you are too relaxed and arrogant, you will have trouble. Be careful of being cheated and beware of fire.
  • A woman dreams of lentils and expresses her dissatisfaction with the current situation.
  • Unmarried women dream of lentils, which means that you are not satisfied with the man who pursues you, but your family continues to advise you to accept this marriage, which bothers you.
  • Businessmen dream of lentils, which operate smoothly, but beware of accidental losses and disasters.
  • People in love dream of lentils. Don't be acute. Communicate and understand each other slowly.
  • People in benmingnian dream of lentils, the golden mean makes money, and real estate makes money.
  • Pregnant people dream of lentils and will have boys. Be careful with your diet.
  • People who go to school dream of lentils, which means that their grades will decline. They should concentrate on their study.
  • Employees dream of lentils. They should always put their position in the workplace, concentrate on working hard, get the reuse of their superiors, and don't collude with colleagues.
  • Unemployed people dream of lentils. They have bad luck on the way to find a job, but they can get well paid job opportunities through their friends or relatives. If they grasp the opportunities, they can reap success smoothly.
  • The patient dreamed of lentils and noticed that his condition might worsen. He should actively cooperate with the treatment so that he can recover as soon as possible.