Dream of mother


Dream of their mother, emotional fortune goes down, then need to adjust their emotions.

Dream that my mother is terminally ill, there will be noble people to help, and success will come.

Dream of my mother beating me, I will be valued by the leaders and be commended.

Dream of carrying his mother behind his back, his mood is not high, and he may be criticized by others.

Dream that your mother is pregnant, there will be good things soon.

Dream of my mother buying vegetables, health problems.

I dreamed that my mother gave me money. There were many unexpected expenses, so I had to increase revenue and reduce expenditure.

Dream of parents falling ill or dying, inclination of family property, and signs of difficulties in career and status.

Dream of a dead mother, will live a long life.

Dream of a living mother dying, will get her mother's blessing and praise.

I dreamed that when the bus or train started, my mother waved herself down, which was a warning to terminate the current thing or plan.

Dream of his mother becoming a bride and holding a wedding in a wedding dress, which indicates that his mother is in great danger and a dream warning of serious illness or death.

Dream of your mother's face chasing you or pinching your neck. This is a dream that reflects your own subconscious. In real life, you have a great sense of guilt towards your mother, so you have such a dream.

Dream of your mother getting angry with you or scolding you. This is a dream that tells you that there may be big mistakes unknowingly.

Dream of waking up in your sleep and seeing your mother standing by the bed and looking at your face. This is a dream that suggests that something unlucky has happened to your mother, or that you are in danger.

Dream of a worried and upset mother, which is a hint of unlucky luck in your future.

Dream of his mother taking care of many children, indicating that his ability is not recognized, frustration arises spontaneously, or become the talk of others, or get involved in the dream of right and wrong.

Dream of a mother breast feeding you into a baby, there will be a good helper to help you. But if you feel unhappy in your dream, it's not a good dream.

Dreaming that she has become a baby, but the mother takes care of other people's babies, which is a hint that the promotion of things has unknowingly fulfilled other people's good deeds.

Dreaming that he has become a child to act like a spoiled child to his mother is a dream that implies falling into the mire.

Different people dream of their mother

The patient dreamed that his mother would hold herself in her arms, all the pain would be eliminated, and the family would be happy and peaceful.

Adults or young people dream of their mother, which shows that they are energetic in work and study, smoothly satisfied and happy in life.

The elderly dream of their dead mother, which is the embodiment of physical decline, indicating that the naive psychological defense mechanism in the dreamer's daily life is degenerating, as we often say & ldquo; Old children & rdquo;, It is the performance of the degradation of the defense mechanism of the elderly childish mind.

Married men dream of a woman walking with their mother, suggesting that they may be expecting an extramarital affair.

Married women dream of a man walking with their mother, suggesting that they may suspect their husband of cheating.

Entrepreneurs dream of crying when their mother dies, which means they begin to be unstable and get rich smoothly after a period of time.

Dream of a pregnant person, dream of his mother's death and cry, indicating that he will have a man, the mother will be damaged and maintained more.

People who dream of marriage dream of their mother crying after her death, which shows that marriage can be achieved as long as both parties respect each other and are sincere.

People who dream of preparing for the exam dream of their mother's death and crying, which means that they failed to take the oral exam.

People who dream of going out dream of crying when their mother dies. It is suggested to be careful beside the fire and water and postpone going out.