Dream of corn kernels


  • Dream of corn, couple love, happiness for a long time.
  • Dreaming of a lot of corn grains indicates that there will be a lot of troubles, but as long as you face it bravely, you will solve the problem. You will also get the help of noble people and everything will go smoothly.
  • Dream of holding a lot of corn kernels, which indicates that there will be a lot of money, and you and your friends can live in harmony. At the same time, it also indicates that their wishes are about to come true and that their families will live in harmony.
  • Dream of a warehouse full of corn kernels, indicating that their wealth will have an upward trend. It also indicates good luck with you. The baby will also develop healthily.
  • I dreamed that the dried corn was blown away by the wind, indicating that I would quarrel with my colleagues in the workplace, and the results of my efforts were stolen by others.
  • Dream of corn harvest, indicating that life will be carefree.
  • Dreaming of peeling corn kernels means that what you have been looking forward to will come true, the plan you are preparing to implement will be carried out and completed smoothly, and will get the support of your friends.
  • Dream of drying corn, good luck, and the feelings between friends will be better and better, and there will be no contradiction.
  • Dream of taking off corn kernels, which means that money is rolling and many people love it.
  • I dreamed that the corn kernels were growing luxuriantly, indicating good luck in the near future.
  • Dreaming of eating corn kernels indicates that you will be very happy in life and everything will go well. It is a good omen.
  • Dream of selling corn kernels indicates that you have a good fortune. You will find a good business partner in business and can make a lot of money. However, when it comes to large-scale investment, you should be cautious and careful, and communicate more with your family.

Different people dream of corn kernels

  • Young people dream of corn kernels, the heart is still the focus of attention, and their emotions are easy to be excited, so they should pay attention to control.
  • Scholars dream of corn, academic performance is not satisfactory, still need to work hard.
  • Single people dream of corn, will encounter a false love, always feel insecure.
  • Women dream of eating corn kernels, which indicates that your love luck is general, but you should first understand each other, communicate and understand more, and avoid being deceived.
  • Pregnant women dream of corn kernels, which means they will have good luck and will give birth to a white and fat boy.
  • Pregnant women dream that corn grains are scattered all over the ground, which indicates that your mood has changed too much recently. It is suggested that you should maintain a good attitude and avoid bringing harm to you.
  • People in love dream of corn kernels, which shows that there is a triangular relationship. They must choose one, and marriage can succeed.
  • Travelers dream of corn kernels and suggest going out smoothly to guard against thieves.
  • People in benmingnian dream of corn kernels, which means that more chores are entangled, more bad luck at the beginning of the year, and then gradually good luck.
  • Businessmen dream of corn kernels, which represent old-fashioned pride, seek great loss of wealth and gain wealth in spring.