Dream of corn


  • Dream of corn cobs, with the help of relatives and friends, can overcome difficulties.
  • Women dream of corn cobs. Luck will fluctuate. The way to keep good luck is to keep an optimistic attitude.
  • Dreaming of walking in the corn field indicates that there will be an unexpected surprise in the near future.
  • Dream of corn growing very lush, indicating good luck in the near future.
  • Dreaming of peeling off the mottled ears of corn means that you will usher in success and happiness in all aspects.
  • Dreaming of others collecting corn indicates that you will be happy for the success of your friends or relatives.
  • Passing through a vigorous corn field in my dream and seeing heavy corn has far-reaching implications for farmers. It not only indicates full crops and a bumper harvest, but also indicates family harmony. If young people have this dream, it indicates happiness and loyalty to friends.
  • Seeing withered corn in a dream indicates disappointment and death.
  • Seeing in your dream that the land with young corn seedlings has just been ploughed indicates that you will get the support and love of powerful people, indicating the upcoming success.
  • Dreaming of mature corn means fame and wealth. Seeing the full warehouse of corn indicates that your greatest wish is coming true.
  • Dreaming of corn without foreskin means that money is rolling and many people love it.
  • Dreaming of eating fresh corn means harmony between friends. If young people have this dream, it means a happy marriage.
  • Pregnant women dream of corn and will have sons.
  • Dream of picking corn cobs and small setbacks in work or study. Pay attention to the character of new friends. If you are careless, you will turn in swindlers and cause property losses.
  • Dream of eating corn, good omen, indicates that life will be happy.
  • The patient dreamed of eating corn and his body would soon recover.
  • Dream of eating fresh corn, indicating a harmonious relationship between friends; Young people dream that eating corn will lead to a happy marriage.
  • The old man dreamed of corn seedlings, which would prolong his life.