Dream of my son

Dream of my son, good luck, good luck and smooth work.

Dreaming of one's own son usually shows concern for the child.

I dreamed that my son was an official and that there were pregnant women at home. Before childbirth, my dream was good luck.

A man dreams that his wife has a son, which indicates that he will have a chance to get rich and earn a lot of money.

A woman dreams that she has a son, which indicates that life is happy and satisfied.

The mother dreamed that her son fell into the well and heard his cry, indicating deep grief, great loss and terrible disease; If she can successfully rescue him, the danger that is coming will disappear unexpectedly.

Dreaming of your son crying indicates that you have the ability to handle it well when you encounter difficulties recently, which shows that you are strong.

Dreaming of your son getting married indicates that interpersonal interaction is more frequent recently. This is the time to test your interpersonal relationship. You should pay more attention.

Dreaming that your son is ill indicates that you will encounter bad things in the near future. You don't know what it is. Remember to pay more attention and be careful.

Dreaming of your son sleeping indicates that you have offended your friends for no reason in the near future. Friends try all kinds of ways to frame themselves.

Dreaming of his son's injury indicates that he will make new friends recently, but he should keep an eye to avoid being deceived.

Dreaming that your son is lost indicates that the plan you set up recently is being implemented and will be completed soon.

Dreaming of his son's death indicates good luck in the near future. Everything will be smooth. Good luck will come to us in the future.

Dreaming of your son drowning indicates that some of your recent behaviors have been appreciated by others, so you are in a very good mood.

Dreaming of beating your son indicates that your child will be very filial, and your life will start to be busy. You will run around for entrusted things. You don't even have time to rest, but it's happy to help others.

Dreaming that your son has been killed indicates that you should recognize your position in the near future and talk to more experienced elders. You can get a lot of ability or experience from it. Don't shrink your head or tail when you encounter things. You can try boldly and get good results.