Dream of jade bracelet

Bracelets and handcuffs are similar in shape and are equivalent in dreams. It means restriction of free access, or a sign of illness.

  • A man dreams that he is wearing a bracelet, which is a bad omen and indicates the danger of going to jail.
  • A woman dreams that the bracelet on her arm is sent by her lover or friend. You will get married early, and it is a happy combination.
  • Women dream of wearing Ivory bracelets and famine in their hometown.
  • If a young woman dreams of losing her bracelet, she will suffer all kinds of losses and a lot of troubles.
  • If you dream of finding a bracelet, she will have a lot of property.
  • The patient dreams of bracelets, and his condition will worsen.
  • Dream that the bracelet is broken, which means you will be free.
  • The prisoner dreamed that the bracelet was broken and would get out of prison soon.