The five mistakes of wearing Jade ornaments


People wear jade ornaments for decoration, and the other main purpose is to ward off evil spirits and become lucky. However, they might make many misunderstanding due to lack of understanding of the mystery, which couldn't ward off evil spirits and become lucky, but also might have the opposite effect.

How to ward off evil spirits anf make lucky by wearing it? Here we'd better understand a concept first, that is the body's magnetic field can nourish the jade, and jade ingredients can benefit us obviously. In the ancient time people even used jade pillow.

Jade ornaments are the most common to be worn on the neck, the main concepts derived from jade nourish, and it is very close to our heart, in ancient time people regarded heart as human brain, so they carved jade into a variety of blessing physical shapes to close to heart to protect themselves. What are mistakes of wearing Jade ornaments? Let us tell you as following.

1, play fast and loose

Many feng shui masters and constellation experts often recommend us to wear different ornaments in different years. In fact, if the jade ornament you bought is genuine, and you hope it to ward off evil and protect you continuously, then you'd better wear it all the time, especially figure of Buddha, the Goddess of Mercy and Zodiac. Wear longer, more spiritual. Therefore, frequent change of your jade ornaments is an extremely stupid method, Although unfaithful people have pursuit, but once entered the insincerity areas, outlook on life would be infirm.

2, careless of choice

Good jade is beneficial to the human body, but you'd better pay attention to exorcise evil spirits and become lucky. For Brave, if you are not a soldier, a butcher, or the underworld who is not the ferocity of the people, you'd better not wear it, but to put at home or office. If you are wearing a Zodiac, you'd better wear your own Zodiac. If you are wearing a figure of Buddha, then men would better wear the Guanyin and female would better wear Buddha. Jade ring has no difference.

3, wear fake or shoddy jade

The fake Jade is the most essential jade ornament without filler, then wear the longer the more bright, it would be more beneficial to the body and mind. However, the good and bad are intermingled at jade ornaments market, Too many stores adulterate, and even fake jade ornaments instead of the real thing. From the terms of blessing, such jade does not have the blessing role of wearer. The minimum requirement of talisman is immaculacy. Merchants selling these fake jade is to accumulate hindrance of karma, let alone blessing.  

4, wear too casually

The purpose of wearing jade ornaments is to protect you day and night, so you'd better wear at all times. Even if taking a bath or going to the toilet, you'd better wear it with you as long as you could make it tiny. you must carry. You are needless to wear it if lack of respect.

5, still wear broken jade

If jade is broken, the role of blessing would disappear, unless it is processed into a complete jade ornaments. You'd better keep it integrated. A broken jade's angular is easy to scratch the body.

Since you pray to use jade ornaments to protect you and make you lucky, you'd better not enter above misunderstandings. Remember, it is not the most expensive jade could protect you, but to choose the right, coupled with a sincere heart in order to make the jade ornaments really play its role to exorcise evil spirits and protect your safety.