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Dreaming About Bracelets

  • Bracelets and handcuffs are similar in shape, so dreaming of bracelets means that your freedom will be limited or you will get sick.
  • A man dreams of putting on a bracelet indicates that he will go to jail.
  • A woman dreams of wearing a bracelet on the arm that her lover gave her indicates that she will marry him and live a happy life.
  • A woman dreams of wearing an ivory bracelet indicates that there will be famine in her hometown.
  • A young woman dreams of losing her bracelet means that she will suffer all kinds of losses, as well as a lot of trouble.
  • To dream of finding your bracelet indicates that you will have a large sum of money.
  • A patient dreams of bracelets means that the condition will get worse.
  • To dream of the broken bracelet means that you will be free.
  • A prisoner dreams of the broken bracelet means that the dreamer will soon be released from prison.