Dream of the basement

The basement in a dream often represents the subconscious. Dream of strange things in the basement, such as snakes, dead people and ghosts, symbolizing hidden impulses, desires and emotions in the depths of the soul.

  • Dream of water in the basement, bad luck, always feel that their pay, it is difficult to get the same return, their mood is not very good.
  • The dream of walking into the basement symbolizes the uneasiness brought to you by the secret in your heart. Sometimes, this secret uneasiness is exactly how you feel about sex.
  • I feel relieved when I walk into the basement, which means that you are physically and mentally tired and eager to escape.
  • Dream of hiding in the basement, suggesting that you may have a secret relationship that you don't want others to know.
  • Dreaming of a wine cellar storing wine or a basement full of rich food symbolizes your strong desire in your heart.
  • I dreamed that the basement was dark and messy, suggesting that I had to experience difficulties and tribulations.
  • Dream of being trapped in the basement, suggesting that the inner fetters of light bind you, resulting in some pessimism in your attitude towards life. This dream reminds you to take a more positive attitude towards life.
  • Dream of water in the basement or wet, it reminds you to pay attention to your health and may suffer from urinary diseases.

Different people dream of the basement

  • Businessmen dream of hiding in the basement and being pushed out of the market by competitors.
  • Dream of others hiding in the basement, will be prosperous.
  • Dream of his wife hiding in the basement, he will be rich.
  • Dream of friends hiding in the basement, will get the help of friends.
  • Dream of hiding in the basement or basement, disaster will come.
  • Married women dream that they hide in the basement and will get seriously ill or miscarry.
  • The patient dreamed that he would get into the basement and his disease would become incurable.