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Dream About Films

The lustrous and dazzling plot of the film in your dream is very likely your great mind.

You are still a bystander no matter how much you put in just likes seeing a film, so this kind of dream can reflect that you examine your own minds in a fairly objective angle.

The main plot of the film in dreams is probably the theme of the dream. A poignant love story of literature and art is likely to tell about your tragic love story. A thrilling action movie may describe your life full of frustrations and challenges. If you are a movie fan, then the style of the film is also worth noting. For example, Woody Allen's satirical style suggests that you look at yourself in a self deprecating way. Steven Spielberg's trade film may reveal that you are looking at things in a way that everyone likes.

If you don't remember the plot of the movie in your dreams, then watch out for the audience with you. Something that happens in real life is one hundred and fifty times better than on the screen sometimes.