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Dreaming about bats

Bats come out only at night, they represent disaster.

  • To see the bats in the dream means illness and disaster.
  • To see the bats flying past in the dream means safety and happiness for you.
  • To see a group of bats flying past in the dream indicates good luck for you. 
  • The bat is a terrible animal for westerners, as a nocturnal animal it can be a symbol of the unconscious contents relating to people's early traumatic experiences. On the other hand, the bat can also be a symbol of intuition because it can fly in the dark without eyes. In China dreaming of bats indicates happiness. However, in the west it has been widely widespread that the bat is a vampire. This legend has spread to China through literature and art, so sometimes the bat represents blood sucking thing.  You'd better make a concrete analysis according to your whole dream.