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Dreaming about bears

The bear is strong and brutal, symbolizing the enemy. Dreaming of bears indicates that you will meet enemies.

  • To dream of being killed by a bear indicates that you will be defeated by the enemy and suffer misfortunes.
  • To dream of a bear going at you indicates that enemy will be against you for a long time.
  • To dream of a bear running away indicates that disaster is ending, happiness is coming.
  • To dream of a bear walking down from the top of the mountain along a bumpy indicates that you will engage in a lawsuit busily.
  • To dream of a bear climbing the hill and disappearing at the top indicates that suffering is over.
  • To dream of a standing polar bear dancing indicates that you get along with you boss very well, you will get promotion and pay raise.
  • To dream of a bear's body floating in the water and a heavy rain is coming soon indicates that your neighbors and friends will be faced with imminent disaster.
  • A boatman dreams of a polar bear's body floating in the water indicates that tsunamis and icebergs are coming.
  • To dream of stopping attacking indicates that you will give birth to a son.

The bear is clumsy and strong, but it represents different meaning in a westerner's dream:

  • It symbolizes female in the hearts of male.
  • It symbolizes the mother, the real mother, or the available wisdom in the subconsciousness.
  • The bear is regarded as a symbol of your subconsciousness, and you try to understand exactly what ingredients in your subconsciousness are reminding you of paying attention to it.