Why 12 constellation men cannot bear to be outside?


Earth constellations (Taurus , Virgo , Capricorn ): aestheticly tired

Earth constellation men are relatively conservative, they yearn for beautiful girls too. They are the most likely to feel aestheticly tired as time goes on, and would like to go to outside.

In fact, it does matter to let them go around anyway, because although they are not spoonies, but they are the most faithful among 12 constellations. And moreover they are afraid of getting into trouble and dare not to have an affair in love. You'd better leave them and go outside to produce some small parting. They are very sensitive with strong critical consciousness, so they will soon come back.

Water constellations (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces): have no feel of home

Water constellation men are affettuoso, they are very dependent in love, home is the place to carry their emotions. If they do not love to go home, mostly because the home is not like a home, there is no feeling of home.

Women are easy to become lazy if living with them together for a long time, because they are willing to do housework. If you suspect they are not manly, why did you stay together with them at that time? Any strong woman should express her gentle side, because home home should be a haven of love rather than the battlefield. As long as the house is warm, they are willing to come back.

Fire constellations (Aries , Leo , Sagittarius): The outside world is very colorful

Fire constellation men are very playsome, they believe that the outside world is more colorful than the small family. In their minds, androcentrism is ingrained.

They are career men, career is is the focus of their lives. You'd better be a lucky woman if you want your husband come home. You should help them in life and at work and also improve your emotional intelligence, because impulsive fire constellation man admires the woman who can control emotions the most. And this is also his shortcomings, you can complement with him and become an integral part of his life.

Wind constellations (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius): many friends, many social engagements

Wind constellation men see a great deal of company, and enjoy a bustling life. They not only have many friends but also have many hobbies. They rarely went home when you knew them.

If you let them choose between friendship and love, they are likely to choose friendship, so you'd better not sink yourself into this predicament. You'd better make their friends become your friends and let them bring their friends home rather than play outside.