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Dreaming about bees

Bees symbolize good luck, unity and hard work, bees in the dream represent friendship.

  • To see a lot of bees in the dream indicates that you will get the help of friends, good days are coming.
  • To be stung by bees in the dream indicates that one of your close friends will betray you or deceive you, you'd better watch out.
  • To be surrounded by a lot of bees and you are unable to get away in the dream indicates that your friends will get you into trouble, you have to live a hard life and face bankruptcy.
  • To see the bees going at the table and eating all the food indicates that you will live a long life.
  • To eat honey in the dream indicates that you are going to get promotion or huge rewards and so on suddenly.
  • To see bees discarding honey indicates that you will have good luck and become famous.
  • A patient dreams of being stung by bees indicates that the dreamer will recover soon.