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Dreaming about Bicycles or Riding a Bicycle

  • To dream of riding a bicycle usually represents a proactive attitude and pleasant peace of mind.
  • To dream that the broken bicycle was not repairable means that you may have emotional troubles. In addition, it also means that you are worried about the prospect of your job.
  • To dream that you are riding a bicycle on the rugged, steep mountain road, feeling unable to control the direction and falling down indicates that you may be a little nervous recently. You can adjust your sleeping position or bedding.
  • To dream of carrying a bicycle reminds you not to waste energy on meaningless things.
  • To dream of pushing a bicycle indicates that your plan may be met with some resistance, but it won't really stop you from going steady.
  • To dream of riding a bicycle on the street rapidly indicates that you want to escape from the original silent and depressed environment.
  • To dream of riding a bike down the mountain means that you will suffer a blow, you'd better be careful.
  • To dream of riding a bicycle through the crowd represents that you are a competent person, and you can take charge of your current career.
  • To dream of riding a bicycle hardly and hitting something or someone means that you're not in good health, you have a little hard at work.
  • To dream of the old and broken bicycle hints that you may despise your partner or a close person in the subconscious.
  • To dream of the bicycle falling off the chain indicates that you will be in trouble at work or make mistakes at important moments because of lack of preparation.
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