Dream of boss and leader


Dreaming of leaders working with themselves indicates that they want to give full play to their abilities in real life, but they are obstructed. When dreaming of this dream, they should also pay attention to the possible trouble at work

Dreaming of insulting their leaders means that they have a better reputation and a stronger mass base, and leaders will have to promote themselves.

Dream of sending food to the leader, which means to please the leader

Dreaming of unit leaders means that they can't give full play to their abilities in peacetime.

Dream of drinking with leaders or high-ranking people, which indicates that you will have good luck, be promoted and appreciated, be prosperous and be famous.

Dream of sending poison to leaders and elders, indicating that they will get promotion or unexpected income.

Dream of a leader reading the text, indicating that the quarrel between you and a friend will directly lead to the disintegration of your relationship.

Dream of your boss giving yourself an empty wallet, reminding the dreamer to pay attention to the way of communication with your boss.

Dream that you are courting and flattering your boss or a powerful person. This means that you will pay attention to dealing with the interpersonal relationship with your boss and elders. If you do well, you will be greatly helped.

Dream of begging the boss for forgiveness, suggesting that the dreamer may suffer from the cold eyes of others, and reminding the dreamer to pay attention to the way of communication in his communication with others.

I dream that my boss will have trouble at work and may be demoted.

Dream that the master or boss will be enslaved when he takes off his clothes.

Different people dream of their boss

Staff members dream of praising their superiors, raising their posts and salaries, or winning awards.

The staff dreamed of arguing with their boss, which indicated that they would be promoted and raised.

The staff dreamed that they would appreciate and get a raise if they were invited to the boss's banquet.