I dreamed my leg was broken

Legs are necessary for people to walk. Without legs, people's mobility will become worse. In a dream, breaking a leg represents an obstacle to your own affairs.

  • Dream of a broken leg, you and your child will get sick.
  • Dream of others breaking their legs, indicating that they will lose because of their improper behavior.
  • Dream of his broken leg, indicating that he will be framed by villains and lose something.
  • Dream of a broken right leg. Generally, a broken leg means meeting difficulties. Recovering as it is shows that you will get through the difficulties smoothly.
  • Dream of disabled legs, suggesting that what the dreamer is going to do is not going well. In fact, the main reason is that it is not done well at all. Just like building a building, the foundation is not firm. How can the building be built.

Different people dream that their legs are broken

  • Single people dream that if their legs are broken, there will be love problems, but they should take the initiative to solve them, and good luck will come.
  • The clerk dreamed that his leg was broken, and the LORD made money after losing it.
  • Entrepreneurs dream that their legs are broken, which means that they are stable and beware of market fluctuations or losses due to damage.
  • People who talk about marriage dream that their legs are broken, which shows that if they treat each other honestly, marriage can succeed.
  • Pregnant people dream that their legs are broken, which indicates that they will have a boy and be careful to prevent fetal Qi.
  • People preparing for the exam dream that their legs are broken, which means that their ideals are too high, their strength is not enough, and it is difficult to achieve their wishes.
  • People who intend to go out dream that their legs are broken. It is suggested to stop in case of rain and travel in sunny days.
  • Men dream that others have broken legs, too heavy responsibility, too high ideal, unable to do what they want, but have a sense of frustration. They should do what they can and turn the crisis into safety. Beware of clerical errors and floods.
  • Young people dream that others have broken legs and need to pay attention to the care of the waist. It is easy to affect kidney function because of excessive energy consumption. Lumbar muscle strain is also possible.
  • A lady dreams of someone else's broken leg, which indicates good luck for a long trip.