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Dreaming about broom

  • To dream of the broom always means that you live meanly and make home well.
  • To dream of using a broom hints that you are determined to remove the old concept, usher in a new life. At the same time you should cultivate independent thinking and reflect on yourself. Do not always follow others.
  • To dream of a new broom means that you are thrifty and you will have better financial status.
  • To dream of a dirty and broken broom reminds you to be careful recently.
  • A woman dreams of losing her broom hints that she is dissatified with her family life. Maybe she's tired of the boring life of a housewife, longing to get out of the family and have a fuller life.
  • To dream of beating ohers with a broom indicates that great changes will occur in something going on. 
  • A man dreams of a woman coming back with a broom indicates that he will have a good wife. To dream that the broom is taken away by someone indicates that you will have a dispute with people outside your family. To dream of the broom being hung upside down on high means that your house is ownerless. A man dreams of the broom on the bed indicates that his wife or lover will be troublesome. To dream of a broken broom indicates that things can't turn out.
  • To dream of the broom in the sky indicates a secret. The direction of the broom handle is the direction of loss and failure, 
  • To dream of brushing the broom indicates that you will have good luck and realize your ambition.