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Dreaming About Bus Stop

Whether you take the bus, greet friends and relatives, or you are desperate to go to the station to sleep, the station is not a place to give a sense of belonging. The main purpose of going to the station is often to leave the station.

You may dream of different stations, but the most important thing for us is to wait for a train or car and take you to other places. So dreaming of the station is likely to suggest that you are waiting for a new stage, or you are at a critical time to change the present environment.

Notice what happened to the station in your dream, because It may have subtle metaphors:

  • To dream of looking at the timetable, but you can not find your own bus or train, which may indicate that you can not find the direction of where to doï¼›
  • To dream of waiting in the station for a bus that seems never to come may remind you that a foolish wait is likely to be futile in a crucial life time. You'd better 

You'd better pay attention to the architecture of the station in the dream, because that might represent your current state of mind or style of action.

  • To dream that you are In a modern and clean station, which means that your current state of mind or practice is clear and efficient;
  • To dream that you are in a dilapidated, crowded, cramped station may remind you that your current approach and mood are a bit constrained.

To dream of the station implies that there is a turning point in the future for you. Whether or not to catch the train depends on you.