Dream of a train

The train is like an honest lover. It is a means of transportation with fixed frequency and route. Because there is no traffic jam, the train will be delayed only in some emergencies. Therefore, the train is a means of transportation that makes it easier for people to grasp the time and journey. As far as land transportation is concerned, the train also gives people a more comfortable feeling.

Dreaming of taking a train and driving on a familiar route usually means that you are taking a familiar and safe way to deal with some things, and all things are under your control. But in contrast, it also lacks some flexibility. Seemingly safe train, if an accident occurs, the situation is usually more serious, which will make people unprepared. I don't know how to respond. As long as a small mistake, it will easily delay the scheduled schedule.

If the train in your dream doesn't arrive at the station smoothly, you might as well think about whether you should change your familiar way or your existing ideas? Maybe different situations should have different approaches. Even if the train in your dream accidentally derailed, you should be careful, which may indicate that the current practice is enough to put everything into disaster.

You are very smart. Cheating immediately reminds you of your emotional world that is more complex than a spider's web. The dream of a train derailment may also suggest that in your two worlds, if one party always wishful thinking and treats the other party with the same old-fashioned feelings, the derailment is usually just a sad ending.

If the dream train takes you to unfamiliar places, you can think about how these places make you feel? Is it a completely unknown sense of insecurity? Or a place that makes people suddenly enlightened? Who else is on the train with you? Maybe your dream train is to lead you to your subconscious and explore the places you ignore. Or maybe this train will take you to see different routes, so that you can understand the original different roads and different scenery to watch.

Dreaming of a locomotive is a symbol of travel, progress and social status. The train wheel is a symbol of good luck.

Dream of taking the train, friends drop. Because you are too competitive, let others stay away.

Dreaming that you take the train and are familiar with the route means that you are dealing with something in a familiar way and think things are under control. But this & ldquo; Safety & rdquo; In fact, we should not be careless. Once an accident occurs, it will cause serious consequences.

Dreaming of a train with a fixed schedule and running on the track usually symbolizes that the plan is smooth or is being carried out according to the accompanying schedule.

Dream that the train stops on the platform or on the track, suggesting that the plan may be delayed.

Dream of sitting on a luxury and comfortable high-grade train, suggesting that you may be too competitive, too competitive, alienating your friends and being lonely.

Dreaming that the train is late indicates that you are hesitant about what you plan, but emotionally, lovers still have some uncertainty.

Dreaming of the train entering the tunnel indicates that you may encounter great frustration or blow in the near future, and you will be very anxious before facing major events.

Dreaming of the train speeding forward indicates that the things you plan in the near future will be realized smoothly.

Dreaming of the train climbing at a high speed indicates that you may get sick in the near future. Pay more attention to your health and avoid some diseases. At the same time, you should also maintain an optimistic and cheerful attitude.

Dreaming of a train derailment or collision indicates that your luck is bad in the near future. You should be prepared to avoid a serious blow.

Dreaming of disaster scenes such as train derailment indicates that your heart is eager to take responsibility, and your heart feels that your leadership has not been recognized as it should be.

Dreaming of an accident on your train indicates that you may be misunderstood, discussed or criticized, your reputation will be lost, and you will feel great pressure on your interpersonal relationship.

Dreaming that the train stops on the platform or track indicates that the things you plan in the near future will be postponed. It is suggested that you should be mentally prepared.

Dreaming of a train overturning indicates that your recent fortune is poor, you will encounter setbacks and difficulties, and your situation will be very poor. However, you should calm down and realize that setbacks also contain strength. Frustration stimulation can stimulate potential, correctly use frustration stimulation and tap your own potential.

Different people dream of taking a train

Men dream of taking the train, which indicates that they are far away and may make new friends, but they should be careful to prevent being cheated.

Businessmen dream of taking the train, which means that it is unfavorable to partner with the elderly, and later benefit from the help of women.

People in love dream of taking the train, which means that they quarrel with their lovers for a little thing. They should explain the misunderstanding clearly.

The clerk dreamed of taking the train and his financial luck was in the doldrums. Income is like water, but expenditure is like a flood. You will be in financial crisis.

Divorced and widowed people dream that the train overturns, which indicates that you have the opportunity to travel in the near future, but there are many difficulties and obstacles. It is best to cancel your travel plan.

Scholars dream that the train overturns, which indicates that your recent test results are not satisfactory.

Graduates dream that the train overturns, which indicates that your job hunting luck is good and there are more opportunities. You may get recommendations through interpersonal relationships or participate in discussion interview.

Pregnant women dream of trains, which indicates that you will encounter good opportunities in real life, and things will turn around or get good results.