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Dreaming About Trains

Train is like an honest lover, it is a kind of vehicle with regular shifts and routes. Because there is no traffic jam, there will be delays in trains only when unexpected conditions occur. It is more easily for people to grasp the time and travel itinerary by train. So train is a more comfortable land transport.

To dream of taking the train on your own familiar route usually means that you are taking a more familiar and safe way to deal with something, all things are under your control .But on the other hand, the train is also lacking some flexibility, if the accident occurs, the situation will be usually more serious, which will make you unprepared, you may not know how to change, the arrangement that has been arranged behind the trip may be delayed.

If the train in the dream failed to arrive, which reminds you that you should change the present way and idea. There may be different practices in different situations. Even if the train in the dream accidentally derailed, which reminds you to be careful, your current practice is enough to make all things into a disaster.

To dream that the the train accidentally derailed indicates that you or your lover may have an affair.

To dream of the train taking you to unfamiliar places, you can think about what feeling these places may bring you? Is it totally insecure place or a good place? Do you have any peers on the train? Perhaps the train in the dream is to lead you to your subconscious to explore where you are ignored. Perhaps the train is to take you to see a different route and let you watch the different scenery.