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Dreaming about butterflies

A butterfly is light and beautiful, it is a symbol of the spiritual life.

  • To dream of butterflies flying in the flowers indicates that you will live a happy life.
  • To dream of the broken-winged butterflies indicates that you will lose confidence in life because of disappointment, you will suffer losses in business and get ill, you will be plagued by sorrow. You'd better make efforts to recover the lost wings.
  • To dream of the butterfly landing on your head or hat indicates that you will advance three ranks or become a millionaire due to your outstanding.
  • To dream of swallowtail butterfly falling on your shoulder or skirt indicates that someone will make things difficult for you.
  • To dream of catching butterflies indicates that you will marry a beloved girl, but to dream of the caught butterflies flying away indicates that she will marry someone else.
  • To dream of becoming a butterfly and dancing in the air indicates that you will be far-famed because of your excellent job or outstanding published works.
  • To dream of the saltant butterflies indicates that there will be a happy occasion in your family, you will spend a happy time with your family together.
  • To dream of butterflies flying to the fire indicates that you will encounter setbacks or defeat in the process of something.
  • To dream of watching the butterflies flying in the air indicates that you'll spend energy on things related with the opposite sex, especially you may face awkward dilemma because your lover is coquettish.
  • To dream of butterflies being dead or hurt indicates that your wife will have bad luck. To dream of falling when catching the butterflies indicates that you will expend energy and material to achieve your absurd dream.