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Dreaming about Insects

  • To dream of the fluttering butterflies in the garden indicates happy things may happen to you. You may inadvertently run over the ideal opposite sex while walking. 
  • To dream of being stung by bees indicates bad luck for wealth. You are unable to date because you have no enough money.
  • To dream of the flying dragonflies indicates your keen intuition. You'd better take good advantage of it.
  • To dream of catching locusts indicates that good luck for wealth. 
  • To dream of a spider spinning a web indicates that a common friend will become your lover.
  • To dream of the flying fireflies indicates something wrong in interpersonal relatioinships. You are easy to quarrel with others due to bad temper, you'd better control yourself.
  • To dream of the caterpillars creeping on the leaves indicates behavioral lapses recently, you'd better avoid unconventional adventure and reckless behavior.
  • To dream of the toads crawling indicates disagreement in love. You may have dispute with your lover due to an affair.
  • To dream of the fleas beating indicates good luck for riding. 
  • To dream of the mosquitoes flying and buzzing indicates bad luck for exam.