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Dreaming about camels

Camel is very good at the long journey, it represents the travel. To dream of camels indicates that you will face a major challenge and the severe test of the objective environment along the way, you have to give a great deal of patience and hard work in order to overcome difficulties and achieve success. On the other hand, as a companion to the desert, the camel is a symbol of spiritual guide who will take you through the vast barren desert and the depression stage in the spirit so as to reach the oasis, thus letting your spiritual world have a new look.

  • To dream of hordes of camels means that you obey discipline or have adequate resources.
  • To dream of having a camel means that you will have abundant mineral resources.
  • To dream of riding a camel shows that you respect and obey your superiors. To dream of riding a camel as fast as riding a horse, hrashing back and forth contains the meaning of sex.
  • To dream of the camels marching to the desert indicates that you may have a long trip, although it will be very difficult, but you will achieve satisfactory results.
  • To dream of a camel being laden with goods remind you to keep patient, tolerant, perseverant, strong, self-reliance and so on.
  • To dream of camels indicates difficulties.
  • To dream of riding a camel indicates that you will get wealthy.
  • To dream of the camels walking with bags in the morning indicates good luck, to dream of the camels walking with bags in the afternoon indicates that you will be busy, to dream of the camels walking with bags in the evening indicates ill luck.