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Dreaming about carpenters

The carpenter in the dream symbolizes wonderful things.

  • To dream of a carpenter entering your house indicates that you'll find a way to solve problems or recover gradually. You will also restore good relations If the family is not harmonious.
  • To dream of a carpenter building a new house indicates that you will have exellent achievements in research, career, art works if you are a politician, judge, professor or artist.
  • To dream of hiring a practical, talented carpenter indicates a comfortable life for you.
  • A man dreams of a carpenter indicates good news one after another for him.
  • A woman dreams of a carpenter indicates that she will become a smart housewife.
  • A businessman dreams of a carpenter indicates that the dreamer will suffer loss in business. To dream of talking with a carpenter indicates some problems in health for you.
  • To dream of quarrelling with a carpenter indicates that you will increase income and decrease expenditure.
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