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Dreaming about Carpets

The carpet in a dream usually is a symbol of love and emotional attribution.

  • To dream of walking on the carpet indicates that you will be very well developed and happy.
  • To dream of red carpet indicates that you have a positive attitude towards love and will pursue with full of enthusiasm.
  • To dream of white or blue carpet shows that you are looking forward to pure love.
  • To dream of color carpet means that you are longing for warm love with rich inner feelings.
  • To dream of old carpet hints that your economic conditions some embarrassed, you may be in debt and affect your love life....
  • To dream of changing the carpet indicates that your work and study will enter a new stage, you will suddenly have a strong desire to work or study and make outstanding achievements.
  • To dream of buying a carpet means that you will have a great harvest; To dream of selling the carpet means that you will be able to start a pleasant, profitable journey.
  • A young woman dreams of many carpets means that she will have a very beautiful family and many servants will serve around.