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Dreaming about Centipedes

  • To dream of full of centipedes in the house indicates that you will have more properties and interests, you will say goodbye to anxiety, fear, distress, disease.
  • To dream of large centipedes or being chased by centipedes indicates that everything will go very well.
  • To dream of being stung by a centipede indicates that you will be successful in business and make a fortune too.
  • To dream of centipedes biting people indicates that you will be healthy and live a long life.
  • To dream of catching centipedes indicates that you will make many enemies, they will hinder your career.
  • To dream of killing the centipedes indicates that you will have disputes with your friends and become enemies with them.
  • To dream of centipedes surrounding a pile indicates that you will fail in business, thus causing irreparable damage due to poor management in business.
  • A woman dreams of centipedes indicates that she will have harmonious marital relations and live a happy family life, she can also help her husband obtain career success.
  • A patient dreams of centipedes indicates that the dreamer will get well and become strong.
  • A businessman dreams of entipedes indicates that the business will thrive, the dreamer will have more money and become an influential figure too.
  • A businessman dreams of the dead entipedes indicates that the dreamer will encounter losses in business, or even bankruptcy.
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