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Dreaming about chrysanthemums

Dreaming of chrysanthemums indicates that some unpleasant things will happen around you, such as parting, disappointment in romance and the like.

  • Dreaming of picking white chrysanthemums indicates that you may suffer setbacks or losses.
  • Dreaming of the bright chrysanthemums indicates that your job will make you very happy.
  • Dreaming of a whole bunch of Chrysanthemums indicates that Cupid's arrow will shoot you. However, you may miss the happy match because your ideal lover is too perfect.
  • Dreaming of walking through a large white Chrysanthemums garden mixed with a little bit of yellow chrysanthemums indicates that you have a premonition that there will be losses, and therefore become gloomy
  • Dreaming of chrysanthemums blooming indicates that you may be out of pocket.