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Dreaming about clouds

  • To dream of sitting on the cloud indicates that you will have good luck for love. You can have a close rapport with your lover and get along with each other very well. 
  • To dream of sunlight breaking through the clouds and lighting up everything indicates that you will have good luck for interpersonal relationships.
  • To dream of the clouds moving quickly indicates that someone in your family will be injured or acutely ill, but which will have no slightest influence on you.
  • To dream of the mountains rising above the clouds indicates that you will make progress in skills, especially in calligraphy, abacus, musical instruments and other skills.
  • To dream of the dark clouds gathering in the sky suddenly indicates a shadow for your health, you'd better pay particular attention to the digestive system diseases.
  • To dream of overlooking the sea of clouds on a hilltop means that you will have some gains in money.
  • To dream of  the dark clouds gathering in the plain indicates that you are too self-centered. Be careful not to be rejected by your friends, especially pay attention to your words and actions.