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Dreaming about the sun

  • To dream of the rising sun indicates good luck for you. You may fall in love with someone.
  • To dream of high noon indicates good luck for interpersonal relationships, everything will go very well for the next month.
  • To dream of clouds covering the sun indicates something wrong in health. Overwork will make you get sick, do not flaunt your superiority in terms of social activities, etc.
  • To dream of glaring sunlight indicates a symbol of fortune decline, you are very likely to fall out with friends for little things.
  • To dream of the sun burning like fire indicates that you will realize your desire.
  • To dream of the sinking sun indicates that everything will become normal again。
  • To dream of the sun emitting from the clouds indicates a warning in love. You'd better pay attention to your dress and conversation when you date because you are very likely to quarrel for little things.
  • To dream of sunlight shining into the windows indicates good luck for learning. You will be interested in learning.
  • To dream of the sun shining in the rain indicates that you will have money problems or quarrel with friends for money.
  • To dream of eclipse indicates the precursor of whirlwind romance. You will fall in love at first sight, you will be willing to sacrifice everything for love. But when the honeymoon between two people is over, your enthusiasm will cool down.
  • To dream of the sun emitting red light indicates that you will be praised by elders or superiors, you will also receive good news.