A dream of bad luck in 64 days

A dream of bad luck in 64 days

What dreams have you had recently? Will it be a disaster, such as money loss, accidents, health problems, or a harbinger of bad feelings! If you want to know which dreams represent the coming of bad luck, you should be careful in the 64 days after the dream. Please refer to the analysis of CAI Shangji, an expert in numerology.

The sky split

Dreaming of the sky splitting means that you will face a crisis in your work or workplace, and you may be demoted, dismissed or dismissed. Therefore, you should redouble your efforts in your work recently, so as not to make your dream come true and end up crying without tears.

a bolt from the blue

This means that there will be unexpected or unexpected news, which will make you feel shocked and hard to believe. You should be prepared in advance.

Giant animals

The appearance of giant animals in your dreams, but you become very small, means that you will be dwarfed or isolated. You may face this situation in the workplace or in the relationship with friends. Recently, you should be careful to deal with your interpersonal relationship.

I'm naked

Dream of yourself naked, that bad things are about to happen, there will be loss of face, dishonor or public embarrassing things happen to you, you should pay more attention to the recent behavior.

Fall from high

Dream of falling from a height or falling and being awakened, that there will be setbacks, perhaps work, interpersonal or emotional weakness and frustration, and let you feel a little discouraged, courage to take it!

Dark clouds cover the moon

When the moon is engulfed by dark clouds in the dream, you should be careful that things like money loss and investment failure happen. It may also be that blind dates fail, or that women in the family have disasters, because the moon represents money and women.

Women frolic

When there are pictures of women playing, you should be careful of the possibility of committing villains in the near future. You should not only pay more attention to your behavior and don't get caught by villains, but also look around to see who your villains are.

Someone whispers back to himself

When you dream of someone whispering to you behind your back, you should be careful that you may be attacked or slandered by rumors recently. You should strengthen your heart, so that you will not be caught off guard when things happen, and you will suffer from rumors.