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Dreaming about cockroaches

Psychology Dream believes that when you dream of cockroaches, which menas that you want to but unable to get rid of a tiresome person. You'd better ask your friends for help, otherwise this guy will be more insatiableļ¼

  • Dreaming of many cockroaches around you indicate you may quarrel with others recently. 
  • Dreaming of stepping on cockroaches indicates that you will be very lucky recently. 
  • A pregnant woman dreams of cockroaches indicates that she may get minor illness.
  • Dreaming of many cockroaches crawling all around the house indicates that you may have some problems in your interpersonal relationship because you lack repose and often get angry and quarrel with others. You'd better control yourself.
  • Dreaming of groups of cockroaches squeezing into a ball indicates that you will make some wrong friends and you can not take back the borrowed money and you have to suffer loss yourself.