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Dreaming About Dead Fish

In ancient times, fish represented wealth and was a symbol of auspiciousness, and most of fish's dreams also indicated auspiciousness. But there are some exceptions, such as a dream to see the death of a fish is a bad omen. From the perspective of Duke Zhou's dream interpretation, dreaming of living fish is a good omen, indicating the smooth fortune; dreaming of fish death indicates that the dreamer will lose money, and will encounter difficulties in life. Here are the explanations for dreaming of fish dying:

  • Dream that the fish died, indicating that the dreamer's recent life is difficult, will be in trouble.
  • Dreaming of the death of fish indicates that the dreamer's health lights up red light and needs to pay attention to maintenance. Don't think that if you are strong, you don't care about your body. You need to take care of your healthy side.
  • Single people dream of fish death, indicating that peach blossom is not prosperous in the near future, it is difficult to meet the object of interest.
  • Lovers dream of fish death, indicating that the recent love fate is not good, love will encounter a test.
  • Working people dream of fish death, which indicates that the dreamer's recent work fortune has declined, and the efforts paid may not get the corresponding return.
  • Students dream of fish death, indicating that the recent academic performance is not ideal.
  • Women dream of fish death, indicating that the recent stagnation of luck impassable, obstacles, everything is not satisfactory, it should be cautious and conservative.
  • A man dreams of fish death means that his career is not going well.
  • Businessmen dream that fish will die and they will lose money in business.