Dream of fish, big fish


Fish are festive, with beautiful lines and flexible swimming in the water, symbolizing smooth and festive. The dream interpretation book says that dreaming of fish means getting rich. In terms of homophony, fish and & ldquo; Affluence & rdquo; & ldquo; Yu & rdquo; The words are homonymous, so some people dream of fish and & ldquo; Affluence & rdquo; of In addition & ldquo; Yu & rdquo; Also with & ldquo; Fish & rdquo; Homophones. The fish in the New Year picture represents & ldquo; More than & rdquo;. But fish means wealth by no means just because of its pronunciation. In many places, fish represents wealth in people's mind.

  • Dreaming of a dead fish means that your career is not going well, life is difficult, and you have to go hungry.
  • Dream of buying fish, you will get a.webpt from your relatives and inherit their real estate.
  • Dream of eating fish, love luck is slightly depressed. Your personality is so stubborn that the other party can't stand it. In order to maintain normal communication, we must understand mutual accommodation and avoid conflict.
  • Dream of fish struggling in shallow water, which means that their work will be constrained everywhere. They struggle hard and can't escape the bad luck of demotion. It's better to find another job as soon as possible.
  • Dreaming that someone gave him fish means he will be invited to the wedding.
  • Dream of living fish, going to travel on the sea.
  • Dream of crucian carp, wealth will be approaching, is a harbinger of wealth.
  • Dream of carp, there will be noble people to help, there will be great progress in your career.
  • Dream of fish suffering from lack of water, will be demoted.

Different people dream of fish

  • A woman dreams of a fish swimming in the water, and her movement will be limited by her husband.
  • Men dream of fishing, catching fish and catching fish. It's auspicious and everything goes well.
  • Women dream of fishing, catching fish and catching fish. They will rely on rich husbands, live happily and inherit the real estate of their relatives.
  • The patient dreamed of fishing, catching fish and catching fish, and would be bedridden.