Dream of dead fish

  • Dreaming of a dead fish indicates disappointment and depression. You may encounter setbacks, bad career, difficult life and hunger.
  • Dream of buying dead fish, bad luck is coming.
  • Dream of putting the dying fish back into the water and resurrecting the fish, suggesting that you hope to get an appropriate position and pursue your career with your own ability.
  • Dreaming of the resurrection of a dead fish suggests that you will come back from the dead. If you are terminally ill, you may be able to create a miracle of recovery. Such a dream means that the dilemma will no longer exist.
  • Dreaming of many dead fish indicates that money will be damaged for no reason and the economy will be in a dilemma.

Different people dream of dead fish

  • A man dreams of a dead fish, which means his career is not going well.
  • Women dream of dead fish, which means life is difficult.
  • Women dream of buying dead fish to go far away. Be careful there is danger. It's best to cancel it.
  • Businessmen dream of many dead fish, which symbolizes that they will face losses in business.
  • Men dream of many dead fish, which means that they will encounter bottlenecks that are difficult to break through in their career.
  • Women dream of many dead fish, which indicates that there are hidden dangers in the body. It may be because there are safety problems in the food they eat, resulting in excessive accumulation of toxins in the body.
  • Staff dream of buying dead fish. They are more constrained by others at work, and may also be forced into the balance of various interests. More cooperation and exchanges with colleagues are expected to reduce the burden.