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Dreaming About Spring Water

The spring water is clear and sweet, symbolizing the happy life. Happiness is not wealth, but the clear eyes and sweet heart. To dream of spring water means sweet life. 

  • A man dreams of spring water means that he will share his happiness with others, and if he helps the poor people with his rich heart, he will become famous all over the world.
  • A woman dreams of spring water means that her children will be very strong. 
  • To dream of bathing in the spring water means that you will go to great extremes.
  • To dream of the fountain spurting high means that you may just know a sexy opposite sex, you may not hold yourself, it is likely to surrender to him. Be careful ! 
  • To dream of your own shadow shining on the well means that you may have trouble with your studies.  
  • To dream of throwing stones into the well hints that you will get lucky. But you'd better not date on the beach or by the lake because you are likely to encounter water disaster.
  • To dream of digging out the spring or well water to drink indicates that you will have good fortune.
  • To dream of muddy spring water indicates deterioration of interpersonal relationship. 
  • To dream of the spring water gushing out continuously means that you will buy cheap things.