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Dreaming about dismissal

The work is a responsibility, dismissal means that you no longer bear the responsibility, dreaming of dismissal usually means promotion. From the point of view of psychological dreams, such a dream often represents pressure, it means that you can not bear this kind of pressure, or too much work will make you know your limitations, you've realized this crisis subconsciously. Such a dream in some ways is auspicious, it means that you will make progress, work hard and achieve recognition of your boss, and change the current situation too. In addition, this also represents that you do not agree with the company culture and can not play to your ability, so you are disappointed with the company. If you muddle along from day to day, you'll also have such a dream.

Other explanations:

  • To dream of being dismissed indicates promotion and improvement of living.
  • An unemployed dreams of being dismissed indicates that the dreamer will soon find a satisfactory job.
  • To dream of others being dismissed indicates poor interpersonal relationships.